So what is The ProSlide anyway?

CurlingStarting in 2014, as a collaborative effort between Polywest Ltd and Reid Carruthers, the ProSlide is a curling delivery aid for all levels of curling.

As a curler himself, Ted Northam (Owner, Polywest Ltd) wished to address issues that he saw with current versions of this type of tool. His experience both as a designer and a curler led him to believe he could create a more ergonomic and therefore better designed version, using a process previously not considered for this type of application.

BrierWhile the product was still in the design phase, Northam was approached by champion Canadian curler Reid Carruthers. Initially seeking a potential sponsorship, Carruthers was using a homemade version of the same type of device Northam was creating. This mutual need – sponsorship and design input – created a partnership that involved collaboration, testing and the eventual creation of the ProSlide.

From beginner to professional, the ProSlide will help the user deliver a curling stone with more stability, resulting in an upright and square release to the broom. Proslide has been designed to meet the ergonomic requirements in a sport that demands accuracy and comfort in the critical areas of delivering a curling stone on target consistently.