The Pro’s Choice


The ProSlide is the latest innovation in curling technology.  First developed by Polywest in 2014, ProSlide is a curling delivery aid suitable for curlers of all levels.

The ProSlide is an innovative delivery aid for any curler, from novice to professional, who wishes to improve their delivery technique, while gaining better control and accuracy.


  • Multiple gripping positions
  • Mottled surface foar a secure grip.
  • Light weight and guaranteed durability.
  • Height ensures level shoulders at release.
  • Glides on Teflon pads – similar to shoe sliders.
  • Foam brush mounted on one side for ice cleaning

The result of months of consultation and testing with professional, amateur and novice curlers alike, The ProSlide helps curlers of all levels to deliver a stone with more stability, greater accuracy and better technique than any other method.